What the Midwives have to say

What midwives have to say about the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and the difference it’s making to the births they attend. 

As a practising midwife I often advise mums to have reflexology throughout their pregnancy. I recently became unwell with a vertigo type illness that was continuing over a number o weeks and having a massive impact on my day to day life making me very low in mood. I decided as I had never tried reflexology this might be a good to try. I had met Sophie a few times as we both teach Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing).

IMG_0671After my first session I was totally converted, it lifted my mood and I felt amazing. The treatment was so relaxing and Sophie was picking up conditions in the body that I had suffered from but had not made her aware of. I have since carried on regular treatments  and my vertigo has now gone and I feel great.

Some of my pregnant mums have also used Sophie and the relaxing hypnosis techniques she uses alongside her reflexology compliment each other so well. The mums always have positive feedback.

I always advise pregnant mums to seek out practitioners for themselves but having had treatments from Sophie I cannot rate her high enough.”

Caron Newton
Midwife at Lister Hospital, Stevenage