The most important birthday you will ever plan!

douglasFundamentally everyone’s birth plan is the same, a safe delivery with a healthy mum and baby at the end but at The Wise Hippo we like to explore that further. We believe:

  • The perfect birth is the birth that is right for mum and baby on the day.
  • The perfect birth is one where the couple looks back and knows that all decisions were theirs.
  • The perfect birth is one in which mum and dad felt they were always in control, even if that meant making a decision to hand over to the experts because there were special circumstances.

96% of babies born using The Wise hippo Birthing Program were delivered using nothing more than gas and air leaving them able to adapt to their new surroundings very quickly. We will teach you and explore many wonderful natural ways to help your labour progress efficiently as nature intended or hugs before drugs as we like to call it. The benefits of natural deliveries are vast including:

A more relaxed baby that will settle more easily.

A baby free from drugs is able to latch on and establish breast feeding more easily.

Recovery time for mum is much quicker and because of this she is less likely to experience post natal depression.

Remaining in control in labour is an incredibly empowering experience and delivering your baby in a calm and relaxed manner will leave a beautiful imprint in yours and your babies mind forever. Ensuring that your first few hours together are spent falling in love and bonding rather than feeling drowsy and nauseous from all the drugs.