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Charlotte & Ben Jarvis from Hatfield Broak Oak. First time mum who gave birth to Jonnie Jarvis on 10/11/16 in the water with just gas and air. Jonnie was born encased with his membranes a rare and very special type of delivery.

Hypnobircharlottething helped me to focus on something other than the pain and calmed me down completely. The mp3’s allowed me to go completely within my body allowing me to detach from all the hard work my body was doing. I think patience is really important as even though in an ideal world you want the baby to arrive quickly , we all produce at different rates my labour being 24 hrs. Sophie had taught me to trust my body not focus on time and that any progress however small is in the right direction.

The most useful thing I found to take with you is a straw as lifting my head to take water from a water bottle really broke my focus. So my husband putting a straw in my mouth between each surge was a great help. I stayed at home as long as possible but when I got to the hospital I was only 2cm dilated . I tried not to get too down and instead focused on my mp3’s, I got back in my zone and had no concept of time so it went by quickly. I had every faith in the midwife team , they were incredible. I was supposed to have been on labour ward as I was deemed high risk but it was completely full which was a godsend as I was transferred to the birthing unit. It was the environment I had wanted from the outset and the midwives were really on board with the hypnobirthing, I didn’t even realise they were in the room half the time. I knew I was progressing just by hearing the heart beat getting lower and lower and when the baby turned I also felt like I had turned a massive corner. The pool really relaxed me and even though I have bruises all over my arms from hanging over the bath for so long they remind me of what a wonderful experience it was. I can’t believe I only used gas and air and really can’t thank you enough. Jonnie cannot wait to meet you and thank you himself for helping bring him into this world in such an amazing way.











hayley annie

Hayley Barton from Stansted a back to back birth Journey


The Wise Hippo programme was a great aid all through my pregnancy, I started the programme quite early on so it really did help keep me very relaxed throughout pregnancy I didn’t have any anxieties about the birth I just felt confident and excited over the whole experience. Surges started the day after my due date about 2am, I stayed calm and relaxed and just begun using the breathing techniques to breathe through each surge and then just rested in between as much as possible. I listened to the birth affirmations and sea of serenity to help get me focused. The surges did stop for a while so I just used this time to rest and try and get a bit of sleep. Luckily Sophie could spare me an hour and came and did reflexology and 2 hours later surges were coming thick and fast and we was leaving for the hospital. On arrival at the birthing unit I was 6cm, the whole time I just stayed calm and continued focusing on breathing through the surges telling myself that each one is one step closer to birthing my baby. I opted to use the birthing pool which was lovely and really helped take the edge of, the warm water was very soothing. With the use of gas and air and the J breathing technique which I found extremely helpful I breathed/pushed for 20 minutes and our baby girl Annie was born. My husband received our baby and handed her to me which was a special moment. May I also mention that Annie was back to back, go me!


Thanks Sophie I couldn’t have done it without you!!!













A few words from Wendy first time mum who gave birth to Annabelle Rose Clark weighing 7lb10 on 8/11/16. She laboured for 8 hrs with no pain relief mostly at home in Bishops Stortford.

The course meant that we felt fairly laid back. Last Monday (41 weeks) I refused a sweep as I felt confident to say no, they booked me in for an induction for the Saturday, but I said I really didn’t want to be induced and the midwife was supporting and said I could just go in for monitoring. I really felt the cove of confidence helped me with that! When my waters went we both felt calm and in control and as the contractions started I listened to sea of serenity. The rest of the labour was mostly spent relaxing in the bath listening to tranquil music. I used a pink smoke visualisation for my waves  of relaxation, Stu said he felt he knew what to say and do thanks to the course and scripts. I don’t think they believed how far along I was until we reached the hospital because we were so calm, but when they examined me they saw the baby’s head. At no time did I feel panicked-I knew that my body was designed to birth the baby. A few pushes later she arrived and although we had to give birth on a bed in empty ward due to the speed she arrived, we felt positive about our experience. I felt so empowered that I had done it all, mainly at home, no pain relief and with Stu by my side. We have been telling everyone they should do hypnobirthing!  Thank you so much Sophie for teaching me to trust my body.





Amy & Craig first time parents Rodings, Bishops

amy and craig

Thanks to your support and guidance I only used a tens machine at home and gas and air in the hospital. Hypnobirthing and the birthing pool were our absolute saviours. Craig was an amazing birth partner using lots of skills he had learnt on the course and we cant praise the birthing unit enough, especially our midwife who wholly endorsed, understood and supported us with the hypnobirthing. She was perefect!! Thanks again Sophie we are so pleased we did the course with you.








Gemma & Dan from Bishops Stortford

First-time parents to Jacob born September 2015

IMG_2036Well I can hand in my heart say, I got the right birth for me and my gorgeous baby. And I couldn’t have got through it without the skills I learnt with Sophie and Wise Hippo. My birth took a different path in the end but  considering it was classed as an ’emergency’, I never once felt out of control. The whole birth experience was calm and relaxed. The breathing techniques really helped me focus, zone out and drift off to my special place.

What I also found was the skills learnt helped my birthing partners MASSIVELY. And I am sure they’ll tell you the same. Both were totally and utterly amazing and supported me through every single surge and more. They counted me down, they whispered reassuring words and powerful and strong affirmations. I will ever never forget how amazing my birth partners were that day. And the result is, my baby boy, born into what could have been a frightful situation but instead a calm and serene moment that I’ll always cherish.



Hayley & Rich first

First-time parents to Summer born October 2015

summerFirst of all I have to start by saying booking onto The Wise Hippo Herts Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) course with Sophie was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I can honestly say I was petrified of giving birth to the point when Sophie first came round to meet me I was actually in tears over the thought of giving  birth.

Within a matter of  a few weeks I was feeling a lot better about the whole thing. Sophie taught us practical skills, techniques and explained to me in detail everything I needed to know which really reassured me and everything started to become clear about exactly how the pregnant body works.

Us women are pretty amazing !!

I listened to the mp3’s religiously every morning and when falling asleep at night. If I ever had a wobble Sophie was on hand to reassure me. When my labour started during the night I was calm and relaxed and actually looking forward to the moment I would meet my baby. I managed to stay at home till 8cm dilated and can honestly say I felt ok, I didn’t once think about pain relief, I just kept listening to my mp3s. I had my baby naturally only using a small amount of gas and air. I felt like superwomen after I gave birth; I could not believe I had stayed so calm as I am usually afraid of flying, dentists the list goes on.

My husband was amazing and thanks to learning lots of ways to help me on the Wise Hippo Hypnosis for Childbirth course he really felt part of the whole experience. I really could not have done it without his help. I will never forget how much Sophie helped us throughout my pregnancy and to any pregnant mum I would say a course with her is definitely the way forward.

Louise and Graham

First-time parents to Max born 19th may 2015

So our birth preference was to go into labour naturally and end up at the Lister hospital for the last part of the labour after chilling out at home…alas this was not the case as I was induced!

Without The Wise Hippo Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) course and Sophie’s fantastic teaching, I would have had many occasions over the weekend where panic and stress would have ruled. Graham was fantastic and was able to remind me different elements from the course which kept me more relaxed then I would have been otherwise. When I was taken from the ward to the consultant led unit I took it all in my stride because I was so calm and relaxed. The midwives were thrilled we were hypnobirthing,  they supported and encouraged us throughout. The breathing techniques and anchors gave constant support and made it possible to give birth to Max weighing 9lb 15oz, standing holding onto a fabric support when my surges were strongest, without any pain relief!!! The course allowed me to zone out and even fall asleep between surges.

I felt absolutely epic – able to achieve anything and on an absolute natural high!! Max arrived after a 6.5 hr active labour, he fed straight away and has not stopped since.

We listened to the mp3s each night and the affirmations whilst ironing . Your subconscious really does take on board the mp3s and One Born Every minute becomes a thing of the past. We cannot recommend the course enough and would be more than happy to chat with any couple thinking about enrolling on Sophie’s Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) course because we can’t see why everyone doesn’t hypnobirth!

Joanna & Magic

First-time parents to Zosia born 1st April 2015

Wise Hippo-22

It is possible!!

We did it!!!

I managed to stay at home relaxed and focused till 9cm!! It was a great decision for us to do the Wise Hippo Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) course with our lovely instructor Sophie. Of course you need to work by yourself but with Sophie as a guide and motivator, the whole experience was a pleasure.

We would highly recommend doing a Wise Hippo course.




Aleksandra Milkas

First baby, 10cm dilated and still smiling…

 Some words from Aleksandra

34701ccf03f66c26104d32bfe746f300We have came across a Hypnobirthing programme at 32 weeks pregnant. Meeting the Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) instructor Sophie was one of the best days in the life of our new family. She took all of our concerns and allowed us to have a wonderful natural childbirth in harmony with each other and with our child. Every expectant mother should be able to prepare for the birth in confidence and partner’s full support. Hugo’s arrival to the world was a natural miracle of birth, which is a great gift. Awareness of what was happening to my body and respect to itself gave us great strength in this important moment of life that remains in us and our young child forever.

Thank you Sophie for introducing us to hypnobirthing. There is no way we can ever thank you enough for the competence, compassion, support and confidence you’ve given us through the last weeks of pregnancy and birth of our son. We are so lucky that you do what you do – I wish everyone could have the experience we’ve had with you. We will never forget how much you did to help bring our little treasures into our lives. Thank you a million times for a birth which was the BEST experience in our lives.”

I want to go back and do it all over again!

Sarah Boswell

Second-time mum to Connie Rose born January 2015

sarah and connie

The most positive part of the hypnobirthing course was Sophie and the calming and positive attitude she gave to me and my husband, she bacame our anchor.

After the birth of our daughter Connie, the first person I text to say a huge big “thank you” to was Sophie my Hypnobirthing Instructor. Thanks to Sophie and The Wise Hippo relaxation techniques I learned, Connie was born without pain relief.

Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) gave me the knowledge and techniques I wanted to help me remain calm and in control.


Mother to Emmy Rose born in a calm and relaxed way because of the Wise hippo Programme and her amazing mummy


Emmy Rose was born on the 30th of January after an amazing labour, so calm and relaxed. Started having surges at 3am ish and she was born at 7.56 am weighing 8lb11. Stayed at home managing well and had her in the pool 40 minutes after arriving at the the hospital. You were a big influenece for the ease of my labour and i kept hearing your voice which gave me confidence to trust myself.  I feel so happy with my experience and so thankful to you and my midwife. Thank you for your amazing support.”

A few words from Nooshin

She gave birth to Penelope on Saturday 28th march 2015


In the lead up to my birth I had a variety of mixed emotions, sheer excitement but also a real feeling of anxiety which ruled my emotions. I had been exposed to a variety of negative birth stories and these had essentially become my birth story and how I assumed I would also birth. Over this period, a few girls from my NCT group had completed a hypno-birthing course and Sophie was recommended to me. After a lovely telephone conversation, Sophie came to my house with her magic hands and wonderful positive outlook on labour. She literally helped me retrain my negative thought patterns turning my birth story into a positive experience and in the end something I looked forward to. My labour was a controlled and focused experience even the doctors remarked on how calm and controlled I was at the end! I cant explain the pure elation I felt after my birth and being handed my baby girl. I felt like super women and have Sophie to thank for helping me create a truly wonderful birthing experience.