Is Hypnobirthing just for Hippies?

In answer No!

When i first came across Hypnobirthing (Hypnosis for Childbirth) I really thought it was just for hippies that are good at meditating and generally being zen. I would have put myself firmly in the anxious “Can I have my epidural please?” category thus presuming Hypnobirthing was not for me.

After a difficult first birth and out of desperation I went along to a free introduction evening near Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire where I live, where there was not a joss-stick or Buddha in sight but a pregnant mix of city professionals, medical professionals, first time mums, third time mums, VBAC ( mothers who previously had c sections) fashionistas and moi.

The instructor was perfectly sane and spoke a lot of sense. A huge sigh of relief was heard in unison when she explained hypnosis is just deep relaxation and something we experience quite often in our daily lives. Being so engrossed in a good film or book that you forget your surroundings, reaching your destination but not recalling the car journey but Paul McKenna it was not, phew!