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Mobile Maternity Reflexology in Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth and surrounding areas.

Maternity Reflexology
with Sophie Campbell-Sinclair – The Wise Hippo Herts

Mobile Maternity Reflexology in Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth and surrounding areas.

Are you suffering from any common pregnancy complaints? Insomnia, nausea, swollen hands and feet, pain, anxiety, tiredness? You may be surprised to know that your feet may hold the answer to an increased sense of wellbeing in pregnancy and beyond. Reflexology is an ancient science which works with the principle that there are energy zones in the hands & feet relating to every organ and part of the body.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology’s origins date back over 4000 years and was originally practised by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. It was first recognised in the Western world in 1913 when an American, Dr William Fitzgerald, noticed that by applying pressure on specific parts of the body, principally the feet he could bring about normal physiological functioning in areas of the same ‘zone’ in the body. This idea of zone therapy was born.

Along with many other medical professionals such as Joe Riley maps of these foot reflexes and the zones were researched and recorded. These maps and pathways were further developed in the 1930s by Eunice Ingham, who defined reflexology as it is practised today.

By applying pressure to specific points on the feet (called reflexes) and when necessary the hands, a professionally trained reflexologist can detect subtle imbalances, release blockages and restore the flow of energy within the body. As you will see in the diagram below just as our nerve pathways finish in our hands and feet so do our ten energy zones.
My reflexology sessions are designed to create deep relaxation and in return stimulate the bodies own natural healing and balance. Like all complementary therapies Reflexology is a holistic practise so therapists recognise that we are not just physical, our emotional and mental wellbeing are all delicately balanced together. Many of my clients find that the sessions are great stress relief which helps them to feel more positive and address the factors that could be affecting their overall health such as lifestyle and diet.

Is it safe in pregnancy?

Obviously when you are pregnant you want to make sure that everything you do is safe for both you and your baby. Reflexology is generally considered safe throughout pregnancy, provided there are no complications and your reflexologist knows that you’re pregnant. It is important to notify the therapist of any contraindications including conditions you lived with before you became pregnant. If you are unsure whats considered as a contraindication its always best to refer to your Midwife or Gp before booking a treatment.

There is a misconception that reflexology can increase the risk of a miscarriage during the early stages of pregnancy although the Association of Reflexologists says: “There is no evidence to even suggest that this may be the case. However, as miscarriages are more common in the first term of pregnancy, some reflexologists are not prepared to take the risk.” I recommend clients start after their 12 week scan especially if they have not had treatments before.

Dr Gowri Motha one of the world’s leading obstetricians and founder of Gentle birth says “Reflexology is one of the most powerful tools in the gentle birth programme. Its instrumental in helping 45.5 % of her mother’s give birth at the optimum gestation of 40 weeks. Anecdotal evidence also suggests reflexology can also help keep blood pressure normal, relieve pelvic girdle pain (SPD) and generally help common ailments. Personally I believe you cannot underestimate the benefit of |Reflexology’s deep relaxation as you prepare for the birth of your baby.”
I combine my treatments with hypnobirthing MP3’S to ensure that we are working positively on a subconscious level too. It is often said where the mind goes the body will follow so I like to play positive affirmations for birth in the background to ensure when I leave my mummies are feeling physically and mentally prepared for birth. In the 2 hr session I will also cover other useful hypnobirthing techniques for labour such as breathing, positions, visualisations and environment


The postnatal period is still a very physically demanding time with lots of hormonal change , healing and balancing going on. It’s crucial that mums receive the right support to help them be successful with breast feeding and make adjustments for their role as a new mum. Some mums can experience baby blues so making time for some well needed RnR can be really helpful in warding off postnatal depression and exhaustion.

Oxcytocin is one of the hormones required for successful breastfeeding and when we are stressed and anxious we make a hormone that inhibits its production, Adrenaline. This hormone inhibits the production of oxcytocin and therefore the milk ejection reflex or “let down” so just by relaxing we can help establish good breast feeding.

What to expect

Most therapists work from clinics but I know when you are heavily pregnant or a new mum the last thing you want to do is rush about. I offer mobile sessions in the comfort of your home so you are able to completely relax, feed your baby or fall straight to sleep when I go if you so wish.

The sessions start with a foot ritual wash with hot flannels and essential oils if requested , the reflexology session lasts for 1hr and costs £59 for home visits or £80 for a 2 hr home visit that combines the principles of Hypnobirthing.

I am happy to travel within a 15 mile radius Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Stansted & Harlow.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact me at or ring 07977 932188


New Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) Classes in Bishops Stortford Herts


This is a new class to the Bishops Park Community Centre, Bishops Stortford timetable. These small group hypnobirthing classes are a great way to start feeling more confident about the birth of your baby, give you an excellent insight into the benefits of using hypnosis during childbirth and give you a great opportunity to meet some other local parents due at the same time .


VBAC SUCCESS (Vaginal Birth After a Caesarean section)


“Hi WiseHippo I just wanted to say a big thank you.  I connected with you back in 2013 for your Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) programme.  Hoping this would help relax me and enable me to handle contractions at home longer.

I was hoping for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After a Caesarean Section) however I never went into labour and hit my scheduled c-section date at 41wks and my son was born.  This year I fell pregnant with my third and had a burning desire for a VBA2C.  On the 16th November 2015 my third baby was born.  And it was an epic Vaginal Birth.  I had control of my birth with your 54321 relax and the birthing affirmations in my mind.  I rocked it so much that I arrived at hospital for a fetal monitoring as I was 11 days overdue, only to be told I was to far in labour and needed to go to delivery.  Long story short my midwife check and I was 10cm and pushing she was born an hour later.  A successful VBA2C. I thought at some points during my journey that I would never be able to experience that moment you look down and hold your baby, but I did and I wanted to share that with you.

Thank you again”


Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology combined with the principles of Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) for effective birth preparation.

I am a firm believer in Maternity reflexology. I qualified as a reflexologist at the Central London school of Reflexology in 2003, since then I have run busy clinics privately and within Nuffield Health Centres. I find the combination of working the endocrine reflexes aside tutoring the principles of hypnosis for childbirth (hypnobirthing) enables women to prepare perfectly for birth, both mentally and physically.

I offer a range of bespoke packages including reflexology sessions combined with fear release, breathing, positions and other useful hypnosis for childbirth (hypnobirthing) techniques, please call me on 07977 932188 for more information.

Sophie-1For home visits within the following areas charges below apply

Bishops Stortford, Stansted, Dunmow, Sawbridgeworth, Harlow, Ware, Hertford, Chelmsford and the surrounding villages

75 minutes Reflexology home visit  – £80.00

2hr home visit Reflexology, body work & hypnobirthing principles/refresher – £150.00

1 hr reflexology in clinic CM22 7An – £50.00



Another happy Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) Client in Bishops Stortford

Some words from another happy Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) Bishops Stortford customer – Hayley Holland in Stansted.

First of all I have to start by saying booking onto The Wise Hippo Herts course with Sophie was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I can honestly say I was petrified of giving birth to the point when Sophie first came round to meet me I was actually in tears over the thought of giving  birth.

Within a matter of  a few weeks I was feeling a lot better about the whole thing. Sophie taught us practical skills, techniques and explained to me in detail everything I needed to know which really reassured me and everything started to become clear about exactly how the pregnant body works. Us women are pretty amazing !!

I listened to the mp3’s religiously every morning and when falling asleep at night. If I ever had a wobble Sophie was on hand to reassure me. When my labour started during the night I was calm and relaxed and actually looking forward to the moment I would meet mY baby. I managed to stay at home till 8cm dilated and can honestly say I felt ok, I didnt once think about pain releif, I just kept listening to my mp3’s. I had my baby naturally only using a small amount of gas and air, I felt like superwomen after I gave birth. I could not believe I had stayed so calm as i am usually afraid of flying, dentists the list goes on.

My husband was amazing and thanks to learning lots of ways to help me on the course he really felt part of the whole hypnobirth experience. I really could not have done it without his help. I will never forget how much Sophie helped us throughout my pregnancy and to any pregnant mum I would say a course with her is definitely the way forward.


Max’s Birth

Louise and Graham first time parents to Max
He was born using Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) on 19th May 2015.

So our birth preference was to go into labour naturally and end up at the Lister hospital for the last part of the labour after chilling out at home…..alas this was not the case as I was induced. Without The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and  Sophie’s fantastic teaching on Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing), I would have had many occasions over the weekend where panic and stress would have ruled. Graham was fantastic and was able to remind me different elements from the course which kept me more relaxed then I would have been otherwise. When I was taken from the ward to the consultant led unit I took it all in my stride because I was so calm and relaxed. The midwives were thrilled we were using Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing),  they supported and encouraged us throughout. The breathing techniques and anchors gave constant support and made it possible to give birth to Max weighing 9lb15, standing holding onto a fabric support when my surges were strongest, without any pain relief!!! The course allowed me to zone out and even fall asleep between surges.

I felt absolutely epic, able to achieve anything and on an absolute natural high!! Max arrived after a 6.5 hr active labour, he fed straight away and has not stopped since.

We listened to The Wise Hippo Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) mp3’s each night and the affirmations whilst ironing . Your subconscious really does take on board the mp3’s and ‘One Born Every Minute’ becomes a thing of the past. We cannot recommend the course enough and would be more than happy to chat with any couple thinking about enrolling on Sophie’s course because we can’t see why everyone doesn’t use Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing).


Does Bishops Stortford need convincing about Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing)?

Birthday banner

Helping women in Bishops Stortford achieve
‘The Right Birth on the Day’

The following has been obtained from birth outcome surveys, completed by 144 Wise Hippo clients, which is 10% of the number of clients who had birthed at the time this information was compiled.

Our vision is to empower all pregnant women, and their partners, to trust themselves and the choices they make, so they can achieve the best birth possible and know their baby had ‘the right birth on the day’. We are therefore pleased to report that 100% of Wise Hippo Birthing clients, who returned their birth outcome reports, have told us that they know that their baby had the right birth on the day.

Clients are telling us that they had ‘the right birth on the day’

100% of respondents, some from Hertfordshire and the Bishops Stortford area, also let us know that they felt prepared and confident about their birth after they had completed their classes and that they were able to successfully use what they had learnt during their labour and birth.

Clients are saying that they felt fully prepared for birth

72% of respondents achieved the birth that they were hoping for. What makes us unique is that our clients do not feel like they have failed, or worse traumatised, if they don’t achieve that. We know there is no such thing as the ‘right’ way to birth, just the right birth on the day. We set realistic expectations for birth that leave our clients feeling successful.

Assisted Breakdown

Clients have let us know that they were able to successfully use what they had learnt

100% of respondents have also said that they were able to make calm, informed choices. We believe this may have a bearing on the reduction in the percentage of women requiring a C-section, and of those whose labour was induced, as compared with the most recent maternity statistics for England (2013/14).


Clients have told us that they were able to make calm informed choices

We want all women to have access to our life changing education and a key part of that is our non-judgemental approach to what is deemed to be the ‘right birth’. We want to clarify therefore that The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Bishops Stortford does not focus on a ‘natural birth without drugs’. This is an important consideration as we look at the following figures. Although a low requirement for pain relieving drugs such as pethidine, diamorphine and the epidural is a by-product of our programme, some women attend our courses simply to help them let go of fear and build their confidence and not because they want to avoid for example the use of the epidural.


We believe every birth is an achievement and we want women to feel proud of themselves and the choices they make however it happens

Finally we will look at where our Wise Hippo Birthing clients are having their babies. Ultimately women will choose to birth where they feel ‘safe’. Even for those considered to be high risk who plan to birth in the hospital, or indeed those having a planned C-section, a decision has been made based on what they believe is safe for them.

18% of Wise Hippo clients birthed at home compared to the 2013 national statistics for England and Wales of 2.3%.

60% of Wise Hippo clients birthed at hospital compared to the 2013 national statistics for England and Wales of 90%.

At the time of writing comparative figures could not be obtained for Birthing Centre or Midwife Led Unit births.

Where baby born

The Wise Hippo Hertfordshire is based in Bishops Stortford and also covers Sawbridgeworth, Stansted, The Hadhams, The Rodings and Harlow.


Penelope’s Beautiful Birth story

A few words from Nooshin who gave birth to Penelope
on Saturday 28th March 2015 – A Beautiful Birth

 image1“In the lead up to my birth I had a variety of mixed emotion, sheer excitement but also a real feeling of anxiety which ruled my emotions. I had been exposed to a variety of negative birth stories and these had essentially become my birth story and how I assumed I would also birth. Over this period, a few girls from my NCT group had completed a Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) course and Sophie was recommended to me.

After a lovely telephone conversation, Sophie came to my house with her magic hands and wonderful positive outlook on labour. She literally helped me retrain my negative thought patterns turning my birth story into a positive experience and in the end something I looked forward to. After some reflexology with Sophie my waters broke the day before I was booked for induction and twelve hours later Penelope was born. Using the hypnobirthing techniques that Sophie had taught me, my labour was a controlled and focused experience – even the doctors remarked on how calm and controlled I was at the end! I can’t explain the pure elation I felt after my beautiful birth and being handed my baby girl. I felt like super women and have Sophie from The Wise Hippo in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire to thank for helping me create a truly wonderful and beautiful birth experience.”


Relax, Breathe and Birth classes starting in Stansted, Essex

Spangles SureStart Centre - Bishops Stortford Herts.New for 2015 – Relax, Breathe and Birth Classes starting on April 20th 2015 at 7pm at Spangles SureStart Centre, Stansted, Essex.

This 2.5 hr class offers a great introduction into the principles and practical techniques of Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing) using The Wise Hippo Programme. It’s a great opportunity for couples considering the full 10.5 hr programme to see if this would be of benefit before committing financially.  The Relax, Breathe and Birth class costs £25.00 and this fee will be deducted if you choose to progress further with your birth preparation and complete the full 10.5 hr Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

For booking or further information about Hypnosis for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing), please contact or call on 07977 932188.